June 2016

A Tale of Two Burgundies

When the word "Burgundy" is mentioned in wine circles it conjures up images of quaint Medieval walled towns with cobblestone streets, miles of vines stretching to the horizon and most importantly the world's greatest (and most expensive) wines. A world closed off to all but the privileged few with the resources to enjoy them. But [...]

The Changing Face of California Wine

Sometimes living and working in a conservative place like Charlotte, it's easy to lose sight of the changes taking place in bigger markets. I was reminded of this during a visit to San Francisco. It had been some time since my last visit and I asked a very well traveled wine friend for some suggestions [...]

February 2016

Everything’s Coming Up Rosé 

Anyone who's visited our shop, Foxcroft Wine Co. knows that we're very passionate about Rosé wine – rosés are one of the most versatile wines in the world and one of the oldest.   Obviously they pair well with Mediterranean cuisine (from Italian to Moroccan) being harbingers of the warm season but last well until the [...]

Why You Should Support Independent Wine Retailers

With the explosion of the Food Network and reality food shows, celebrity chefs and the organic food movement over the last fifteen years, the idea of "Buy Local" has worked its way into the popular psyche, at least in name. We as a nation have been doing our best to buy local, source better quality [...]

January 2016

Is It Me or Does this Wine make my Butt look Big?

In the course of running a wine retail operation and busy wine bar, I sometimes encounter the one thing that all wine business professionals dread; the “bad” bottle. It’s one of wine’s hazards and the cost of doing business. But what’s troublesome is when three out of four times we get a wine back that [...]

Shopping for Wine by the Back Label…

Customers often ask me, “What is your favorite wine?”  -- to which I reply instinctively, “I don’t have a favorite wine but there are things that I commonly look for when choosing a wine…” I remember my first “Ah Ha” moment with wine back in the mid-eighties when the staff at a local restaurant asked [...]

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