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 We are privileged to be hosting the following group of fantastic Santa Barbara wineries and winemakers for a special dinner and tasting in April! 

We will be serving a five-course meal prepared by our Chef Justin Solomon alongside nine wines from Santa Barbara County. Representatives from each winery will be in attendance! 


1st Course 

herb and gruyère gougères 

Alma Rosa Chardonnay “El Jabali” 


2nd Course 

roasted salmon with corn veloutée and fennel 

Crawford Pinot Noir “Slow Walk” 

Crawford Pinot Noir 

Representing Crawford Family, Mark Horvath, winemaker 


3rd Course 

seared duck breast with local greens and ginger 

Lumen Pinot Noir 

Shokrian Pinot Noir 

Representing Lumen, Morgan Clendenen 



4th Course 

pork and mushroom meatballs with peppers and tomato 

Foxen Pinot Noir “Bien Nacido- Block 8” 

Foxen Pinot Noir Sta. Maria Valley 

Representing Foxen, Jenny Doré, owner 


5th Course 

taleggio with cherry compote and hazelnut brittle 

Alma Rosa Pinot Noir 

Alma Rosa Pinot Noir “El Jabalí 

Representing Alma Rosa, Richard Sanford, winemaker 


As with most of our events, seating is limited!

So please call our Southpark location

at 704-365-6550 to reserve your places for this special event

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