NC- 2-Pack: Domaine de la Bêche Morgon and Régnié
NC- 2-Pack: Domaine de la Bêche Morgon and Régnié

NC- 2-Pack: Domaine de la Bêche Morgon and Régnié

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Established in 1848, Domaine de la Bêche has a rich history. Olivier Depardon, the family's seventh-generation steward, assumed leadership in 1985, inheriting a modest four acres of vines. Through his dedication, the estate has flourished, now boasting an impressive 65 acres under cultivation. Predominantly situated in the esteemed AOP Morgon, with additional holdings in Régnié and Beaujolais-Villages, the Domaine showcases a commitment to quality and tradition.

In a pivotal decision in 2003, Depardon transitioned to destemming all fruit, eschewing the use of whole clusters while preserving whole berries. This meticulous approach results in gentle fermentations, yielding a semi-carbonic profile. Despite modernization, the Domaine maintains continuity with the past, aging its Morgon VV and Côte du Py in the same 5,000 and 6,000-liter foudres utilized by preceding generations. Spontaneous fermentations further underscore a dedication to authenticity and terroir expression.

Distinguished within the appellation, Domaine de la Bêche stands as the sole proprietor with vines spanning all six climats of Morgon: Les Charmes, Côte du Py, Corcellette, Douby, Grand Cras, and Micouds. The unique terroir, particularly evident in Côte du Py, encompasses a diverse blend of schist, granite, and metamorphosed andesite soils. Each parcel contributes to the Morgon Vieille Vignes cuvée, epitomizing the Domaine's commitment to showcasing the nuanced expressions of its terroir.


Included in 2-Pack:

2021 Domaine de la Bêche Régnié

"The 2021 Domaine de la Bêche Régnié is a classic Régnié with a pale ruby hue and moderate intensity. Delicate aromas of rose petal, lavender, warm cherry, and perfectly ripe strawberry intermingle with earthy undertones on the nose. The palate is characterized by red fruits, light tannins, and a refreshing acidity, culminating in a pleasantly fruity finish. The wine's lighter body and subtle astringency make it particularly delightful when served chilled. Ideal food pairings include BBQ dishes, grilled vegetables, and summer salads with strawberry and goat cheese. "

-Celine DeMaesschalck of Modern Hobbyist


2022 Domaine de la Bêche Morgon

"Classically Beaujolais, and typical of Morgon, the 2022 Domaine de la Bêche Morgon has notes of red fruits, hints of confectionary, and a more structured finish. On the nose, cherry, blackberry and Chambord mingle with subtle aromas of sage, oregano, and cured meat. On the palate, flavors of black pepper, black tea, and a medley of red and black fruits offer a rich and complex experience. While it can be served slightly chilled, ensure the tannins are balanced; otherwise, allow it to warm up slightly to reveal its full character. Plan for the wine to breathe for approximately 30 minutes before serving."

-Celine DeMaesschalck of Modern Hobbyist


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